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The InvestPlus mandate is to provide you with the most attractive, well-structured, and ethical real estate investment in Canada. We achieve this by working with best-in-class industry experts and by focusing on buying and revitalizing multi-family buildings in the most economically sound markets across Canada. Our track record proves our method.


The Latest fund to date, now fully subscribed.  This fund will pay out 70% of the profits to investors from upgraded multifamily apartments in the top cities in Alberta.


Our largest fund to date was fully subscribed in December 2011. These multifamily apartments are well positioned to capture the benefits of Alberta’s growing economy.


This fund sports 2 exceptional buildings located in the inner city transition area in Edmonton. These fully renovated apartments are performing well with very few vacancies.

Belvedere LP

This fund contains our lowest operating cost building in the Inglewood area of Edmonton. In this same area we have purchased another 2 buildings within blocks of this apartment.