The InvestPlus REIT Corporate Strategy

corporate_strategy_clip_image002You’re probably asking yourself how InvestPlus REIT can ensure that you achieve outstanding returns on your money. We have already outlined how we focus on robust, established real-estate markets, but also in less mature municipalities where property markets are poised for explosive growth. Then to ensure we achieve the highest rate of return, InvestPlus buys at the perfect confluence of price and opportunity!

InvestPlus uses its proprietary knowledge of booming and developing Canadian real-estate markets to acquire properties that are often poorly managed and under-valued. We then upgrade the property through renovations, upgrades and capital improvements. This allows rents to be increased, thereby enhancing the overall property value. In addition, InvestPlus looks at other ways of increasing value through a measured focus on reducing operating expenses.

InvestPlus REIT has developed a 5-Step strategy to allow the greatest potential for returns on your investment. To find out more about what you can expect with your investment after you have invested with InvestPlus REIT look at our InvestPlus 5-Step Strategy.

InvestPlus 5-Step Strategy:

  1. Identify – Locate and acquire undervalued and under-managed properties. We examine the neighbourhoods across Canada with the highest upside potential. We analyze population growth, employment rates, average income, affordability, business and government investment, transportation changes and pro-business attitude.
  2. Upgrade – Provide the building with energy efficient fixtures, branded designs, and enhance the curb appeal. we select undervalued buildings as they have the greatest potential for rapid increases in rental income and value. We look for the following symptoms of ‘under management syndrome’; high vacancy rates, high operating costs, lower than average rents, deferred maintenance issues and distressed sales.
  3. Green Integration – Green efficiency reduces operating costs through streamlined management processes and reduces consumption f water, energy, and materials.
  4. Improve Value – Upon completion of the upgrades, we immediately optimize the rents. This forces a higher tenant profile. This, combined with the equity gained in upgrades will cause the building to see immediate growth in overall value.
  5. Cash Flow and Equity Growth – By holding and maintaining the improved building for up to five years, we increase equity and maintain a steady flow of revenue from rents. However, great management is the difference between average returns and exceptional returns. Well managed buildings have lower vacancies, less frequent tenant turnover and higher rents.

So now what?

We have outlined our tested and proven formula for success, backstopped by a 15-year track record of delivering on our commitments.  If you are interested in above-market returns for your money, we humbly suggest the following three options:

  • Do nothing and continue to hope your mutual funds; RRSPs and/or stocks will give you a decent return. That’s if they haven’t already lost their value in volatile, uncertain markets.
  • Go out on your own, dealing with the details and hassles of putting a project together and managing it yourself. Hopefully you’ve bought right!
  • Take control of your destiny and benefit from the next InvestPlus opportunity by contacting us at

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