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As An Advisor What Can I Expect For My Investors From InvestPlus REIT?

Make SenseAt InvestPlus we want to do everything we can to help you achieve your financial goals hassle free. We therefore follow a plan that offers the investor some important benefits and services. At InvestPlus we:

  • Study, evaluate and do our own due diligence on selected markets that are either established and robust, or about to boom;
  • Select and filter out all properties in the proposed area of investment that will potentially deliver a healthy return;
  • Write offer(s) on select properties;
  • Negotiate with the realtor and/or seller to ensure the best price and terms are achieved for both InvestPlus and the seller;
  • Capitalize on relationships with Bankers and/or Brokers that help ensure the best financing rates and terms;
  • Refinance with CMHC, if investors agree, to take advantage of better interest rates and the potential return of some funds to investors;
  • Set up the necessary legal structure: i.e. Corporation and/or JV partnership;
  • Coordinate and manage all renovations/upgrades pertaining to the property, which are usually determined at the time of property purchase;
  • Will renovate, market and rent the property according to InvestPlus Properties’ criteria in order to achieve the highest potential value for the building and, thus, for our investors;
  • Exercise a fair, but firm approach with our tenants;
  • Professionally manage the property and its local managers. i.e. property manager, resident manager;
  • Maintain all records pertaining to the building, i.e. Legal papers, expense receipts, management contracts, etc. (all these are available to the investor upon request);
  • Will provide a monthly/quarterly statement showing your cash-flow and how your investment is performing;
  • Act as the focal point for all correspondence relating to the building;
  • Will market and sell the property;
  • Will sign a required personal guarantee on the mortgage(s).

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