Why Invest in InvestPlus REIT?

InvestPlus investors have already made some important decisions about taking control of their financial future. To date, they have realized above-average returns on their money through two sources: quarterly income and tax sheltered equity growth of their investment.

Investors also enjoy valued-added services that provide secure online access to their investment portfolio, with full disclosure of investment progress and on-going performance measures. Additional member benefits & features:

  • First right of refusal on future InvestPlus investment opportunities;
  • Quarterly income/expense statements;
  • Secure online member forum providing discussion, news and exclusive member resources.


  • PROVEN track record. Have transacted multiple properties exceeding $24 million dollars.
  • PROVEN real-estate investment systems that are designed to decrease risk while increasing cash flow and investors’ return on investment.
  • Open-book philosophy. Investor performance reviews and quarterly statements are shared with each investor.
  • Focused Team. With InvestPlus REITs’ management experience and sound financial approach, investors reap the benefits of an exceptional Return On Investment with no ” hands-on” management hassles.
  • Steady quarterly cash-flow and tax sheltered equity growth.
  • RRSP eligible. That’s right; you can use your self-directed RRSPs without any penalty while enjoying a far greater return than what you are probably achieving today.
  • Invest in multiple cities in Canada, thereby diversifying your real-estate investments and reducing overall risk.
  • You as an investor are represented by a reputable and experienced independent board of directors who are making the key decisions of the REIT on your behalf.
  • InvestPlus REIT is  private and has a very low correlation to the fluctuation of the stock market.

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